Annette Francine Bening

Annette Francine Bening was born 05/29/58 in Topeka, KS to Grant and Shirley Bening. She has 3 siblings - Jane, Brad, and Byron. Annette graduated from Patrick Henry H.S. and went on to San Diego Mesa College and then on to San Francisco State U.

After graduating, she entered the American Conservatory Theatre where she remained for several years as a student and as a teacher. She married fellow actor J. Steven White in 1984.

She then went on to a theatre company in Denver and then finally to New York where she had a successfull career as a stage actress on Broadway. She then moved to L.A. and got started making movies. After working together on Bugsy, she married actor Warren Beatty in 1992. They have 4 children (Kathlyn Elizabeth, Benjamin McLaine, Isabel Ira Ashley, and Ella Corrine) and spend their time in their Mullholland Drive estate in L.A.