Personal Chat with Annette

Meg Ryan, Annette Bening and Eva Mendes, who co-star in The Women, recently had a group share with Parade magazine, “about the women they really are.”

Ms. Ryan, once America’s sweetheart, spoke of design. “I wish it wasn’t the design of the universe that we have to learn things the hard way, but it is,” she said, perhaps with some rue. “It’s a very big surprise in life when you learn that not everyone is rooting for you.”

Ms. Bening extolled the virtues of being-together-while-being-apart with her husband, Warren Beatty. “That’s something we cultivate every day – that sense of separateness and being together at the same time,” she said.

And Ms. Mendes confesses, “If my mom had one wish, I think it would be that I was more ladylike.”